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The individuals you serve are looking for more than benefits and entitlements. They want peace of mind. Does your application process set that tone? Is it designed for efficiency and compassion—or is it heavy on friction and scrutiny?

Rely on our data-driven risk management and identity intelligence to confirm more beneficiary identities. Improve service levels. Reduce abandonment and complaints. Minimize duplicate payments. Finally—rest in the knowledge that benefits are going to the people who need them and you’re providing a better experience in the process.

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Why government agencies prefer our identity solutions

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions leads the industry on many fronts.

  • We’re the largest data aggregator in the U.S., providing access to
    • 10,000+ additional data sources
    • And billions of relationships between people, users, devices and locations
  • We can locate 98% of people who apply
    • Credit-based solutions typically get you 40-60%
  • Our identity solutions, which leverage powerful linking technology and vast contributory networks, reveal connections and clusters of identities and behaviors that are hidden or not easily pieced together across disparate data elements
  • We build solutions specifically for government use, with agency workflows in mind. This facilitates a better user experience, seamless operation and staff efficiencies
  • We provide a Special Investigations Unit (SIU), a cross-trained team of analysts, as a core component of our offering
  • Our leadership in building contributory databases such as the Risk Intelligence Network helps agencies across the U.S. share insights and strengthen their defenses against large scale fraud rings
  • Evaluation of identities based on both physical and digital attributes to eliminate even more risk
  • Scores applications on the front end to determine the risk, reveal potential threats and help inform downstream workflow decisions

Take the first step. Download our white paper to learn more about the identity challenges government agencies face, and how LexisNexis® Risk Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you do more good.

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