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The COVD-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down.

Every day, we are learning of new ways to handle challenges on multiple fronts, and government agencies aren’t an exception. Among the concerns for governments is the ability to leverage data, analytics, and insights to help protect against fraud scams, especially when new businesses and vendors are popping up to get access to the new COVID-19 stimulus funding.

What You’ll Get Out of It

This 30-minute webinar will highlight up-front fraud prevention measures you can use to assess risk and streamline business and vendor due diligence. It will also feature fraud discovery tactics that other agencies are currently using to help minimize fraud losses and mitigate reputational risk, including:

  • Combating cybercrime threats, like botnet attacks or account takeovers from organized criminal groups
  • Detecting business identity theft scams, looking at both the digital and physical identity components when a business is registering or transacting with your agency
  • Stopping bad actors or repeat offenders by validating the legitimacy of a business and the responsible parties
  • Flagging suspicious businesses by streamlining business audits and ongoing monitoring

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