Save time, manpower, and money by narrowing in on suspects and generating leads quicker than ever before by connecting all data sources from your agency.

  • Close more cases with flexible, deep search that helps you find what you need quickly and easily. Find connections in your data in seconds that would normally take hours or days manually.
  • Discover deeper intelligence with cross-jurisdictional “baseball card”views of subjects and interactive analytics that help you quickly deliver impactful intelligence.
  • Gain actionable insights with an all-in-one view for meaningful support of command-level decisions.

Actionable information for all parts of your agency:

Crime Analysts can quickly identify patterns and share interactive analytics to do more in less time.

Investigators can connect suspects by quickly linking known associates, crimes, vehicles and more across jurisdictional lines.

Patrol Officers and Dispatchers can instantly find information on any entity in a simple, clear interface on both desktop and mobile.

Command Staff can prepare real-time, comprehensive reporting and monitor results of key initiatives to improve operational effectiveness.

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