Better recall repair rates help provide safer roads and peace of mind for auto manufacturers

Did you know?

An estimated 57 million vehicles subject to safety recalls in the U.S. today remain unrepaired — about 25% of all vehicles on the road.1

And finding accurate owner information can be challenging, thanks to owner decay:

45 million people move each year2

40 million used cars sold each year3

Traditional data sources are often highly regulated and may not be updated as often as auto manufacturers would prefer, while many secondary sources cannot provide the level of accuracy or scale your outreach team need.

We can help.

LexisNexis® Recall Clarity can increase outreach effectiveness and reduce organization risk of non-compliance by providing more accurate vehicle owner information, helping your organization achieve higher recall campaign repair rates.

Leverage over 80 billion records from ten thousand data sources to find: street addresses | phone numbers | email addresses

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A Comprehensive Recall Outreach Solution


Leverage the over 80 billion
records from ten thousand
data sources in the LexisNexis
databases to find best owner data


Tailor to your specific needs;
email addresses,
mobile phone numbers,
secondary home data, etc.


Available on over
280 million
unique identities


Extend campaign reach
by sharing data with
outreach partners and
franchise dealerships